Packaging - Hanger - Gift Card
Packaging - Hanger - Resturant Gift Card
Packaging - Hanger - PrePaid Phone Card
Packaging - Hanger - Refillable Gift Card
Packaging - 3 Fold Brochure with Teslin Loyalty Card
Packaging - Shrink Wrapping

Diamond Graphics offers a variety of packaging solutions for the final stage of your gift card and hang card production needs.  These include shrink-wrapping in customer determined quantities or cello wrapping individual cards.  The pack-out of your job is fully determined by you and your job requirements.

Diamond engineered three automated high speed shrink-wrap machines in order to perform your individual packaging needs with camera verification, card counters, and a computerized labeling system.  With these systems, we have become one of the largest, if not the largest, card shrink-wrapping companies in the United States.

Further, we have two automated individual card cello wrapping machines for added security insuring a tamper-proof seal for the card contained within the package.