Die Cutting

Whether a it's a standard shape and size or something completely different, Diamond Graphics uses several die-cutting systems designed to ensure quality cut cards at an economical price.

  1. PMC die-cutting:   Typically used for credit card (CR80) style cards and specialty designs for a small die charge.  Diamond can PMC die-cut over  2,000,000 cards a day.
  2. Steel rule die-cutting:  Our 32" automatic platen blanker matches up perfectly to our 29" print format.   Hang cards and other specialty designs  are cut on this equipment with its "blanking" capability. Blanking saves you time and money.
  3. Punchpress:  We have two punchpresses that die-cut PVC and Teslin cards.  Ask about our current punch dies.
  4. Rotary:  Used on our Teslin line, rotary die-cutting yields a quality cut at production rates that beat the competition.

Let our specialists help you determine the best way to cut cards that will achieve your vision.